Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Introducing MediaSoul

Hello Everyone,

Today I am introducing my new and improved blog called MediaSoul.

My E-Involved website will remain the same and active. So please continue to visit there and please let others know.

This blog will remain active, but I will only be updating MediaSoul. So come on over and visit!

You'll be able to RSS me, link me, comment better, etc.



Anonymous Anonymous said...


Regarding your post about Boxer on a progressive weblog today, would Jesus (who you claim loves your captured soul) like the tone of your post? It sounded very small and mean spirited.

In order to be a true Christian, practice what you preach...your snide comments on other sites so not mix well with the cute little clip art hearts and scripted little "stacy"s all over your self-gratuitous site.

This is at least the second time you have let your other side come through in the tone of your. Actually, I notice that people who are really OTT (over the top) religious usually DO have a really strong dark side they are trying to suppress...

Perhaps you can deal with this in therapy, or supervision (I notice you are a therapist so perhaps supervision might be better).

As a Christian, your behavior is disturbing...as a mental health professional, your behavior is alarming and unhealthy.

Take care.

January 6, 2005 at 4:17 PM  
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God bless you.
I first found out about you when I read the comment you left at the "Slice of Laodicea" site. I went on to read your article "My Heart Is Broken" at the Active Media site.
What you wrote and how you wrote it was like an arrow going straight through me. The way you articulated your feelings revealed how genuinely heartsick you are about all the tragedies that you witness happening in the body of Christ.
I too am tossed back and forth in my feelings. One moment I am outraged and filled with righteous indignation. The next moment I am so grieved in my heart that I want to cry my eyes out.
I pray that the Lord continues to bless you, strengthen you, help you, open new doors for you, and make it possible for your message to reach more and more believers who care as deeply about the truth as you do.
Please keep writing. Keep trying with all your heart to open closed eyes and awaken minds that have fallen asleep.
I wish there was some way to adequately communicate to you just how deeply and how profoundly your words have affected me.

Never, ever, ever, EVER give up...

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