Thursday, December 16, 2004

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To begin with today I want you to make sure that you check out today's cartoon in honor of Janet Parshall and also go to Faith Mouse to see more great cartoons from Dan.

Who doesn't love Ann Coulter? Well, actually a lot of people really can't stand her, both in the liberal arena and the Christian one, however I'm not one of those. I like Ann because she has spunk and she's not afraid to say it like it is. And apparently a few others like her too because now, just in time for Christmas, there is a new Ann Coulter DVD on sale. To learn more about it please click here.

And now back to our Christmas coverage - Just in time for Christmas someone has decided to send the world a message that Christmas is about the birth of Jesus. Click here to sign an online birthday card for Jesus. After you do that, why not give Jesus your heart if you haven't already.

This is from the Hollywood Prayer Network newsletter - € DON’T MISS IT! ABC World News Tonight with Peter Jennings is doing a story on Hollywood Prayer Network and the Studio Lots Prayer Walks TONIGHT, Thurs. 12/16! The segment is on "The Power of Prayer in America". (If for some reason it doesn’t air tonight then it will air tomorrow - Friday night.) They shot us praying and then interviewed Michele Suh, Director of Hollywood Connect and the Prayer Walks and HPN member Zach Levi, co-star of “Less Than Perfect” yesterday. Pray that they caught our love for the people here and that God lights a fire under Christians all over the world to start praying for Hollywood because of this segment.

More Christians are taking a stand and Putting Christ Back in Christmas by Moving Over Santa

And yes, friends, even the "First Dog" celebrates Christmas - check this out, 'Barney' the dog the star of White House Christmas video

Never fear though, because the grinch still exists Grinch Steals Family's Christmas Decorations and this Stealing Christmas: Grinch-like hooligans swipe family presents

Did you know that America has been under pressure from Cuba? It's true - U.S. Rejects Cuba Demand to Remove Christmas Lights
and some atheists are upset about Christmas. There's a shock right! Atheists Protest Nativity Display In Milford

And here's some good news Stolen Nativity figures found mile away and if you've ever known anyone with cancer this story will touch your heart Live nativity benefits cancer patients
and a family takes a picture and says they can see Jesus in it - Can you? Family can see Jesus in snapshot of rainbow

For more news and information please visit my blog and come back tomorrow!


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