Thursday, November 18, 2004

You may have noticed I haven't posted much this week and there's a reason for that - STRESS!

And the stress of life, grad school, people at my house messing it up/aka building on to it. Augh.

Then there's work and all that comes with that, and of course my mom's birthday coming up on Sunday and all that comes with the grief of losing a parent.

My mom would've been 60 on Sunday if she lived. And I remember driving her from a chemo appt where she was telling me that she was going to have a bash of a party for her 60th. I knew she would be dead when she said that, but her denial got her through to the end.

The good news is that she is with Jesus now, living in His presence and I bet Sunday will be a great day for her. I'll remember her, but I'll rejoice that she's well and in no more pain.

That's the hope we have a Christians. Knowing that when we die, there will be no more pain, death or anything that hurts us. People say there won't be any tears either, but that's not true because the Scripture says that HE will wipe away all of our tears. So there has to be tears in order to wipe them away.

That's a good thing.

So don't fret, I'll be back in awhile with more good stuff. However, until December it will be slim because of finals, papers, presentations bla bla bla.

I'll be glad when I'm out of college. 12 years is long enough for me and I'm ready to be out! Those of you who have been there, totally understand I'm sure. Those of you who don't, probably aren't reading this blog! HA!

Talk to you later!


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