Tuesday, November 30, 2004

We Have Met the Enemy...

Do you not just love the word enemy? Brings to mind a number of great things doesn't it? For some in the Christian community it means - homosexuals, Democrats, liberals and bible reading. For some in the liberal community it means - Right wing biggoted Christian homophobes, Republicans, dog-lovers and Ann Coulter. Sorry, I just had to add Ann. :)

However for N.Z. Bear he's got a definite point of view and it's none of the above. It's about bloggers versus old school journalism. Here's the first paragraph and then you can read the rest.

"These days, enjoyable sport can be had observing the ongoing battle royale between the staid defenders of traditional journalism on the one side, and the young punks known as bloggers on the other. (Full disclosure: I am of course a card-carrying member of the latter, young punk, category -- or would be, if we had cards, which we don't). Old media journalists have spent many barrels of ink gnashing their teeth and decrying the barbarian hordes of bloggers, and equally as many bits have been spent in spirited rejoinders from the blogger camp."



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