Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Religious Identity

If you get a chance today, please visit and click on Janet Parshall's name, scroll down to today's date and listen to hour 3. Janet plays clips of the religious left talking about the election. You'll want to hear it, just trust me on that. You'll have to wait until 5 PM PST for the shows to be up online though.

Also, here's a sad story. I hope this never happens here in America.

Christian Teens Forced to Take Muslim Identities (Egypt)

Two teenage Christians have gone to court to fight their forced designationas Muslims on their identity cards. According to a November 8 report fromCompass Direct, the final verdict is scheduled for November 16, though itmay be delayed for a week because of the Muslim holy days of Ramadan.Iman and Olfat Malak Ayet were raised by their mother as Christians.

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