Friday, November 12, 2004

Regis & Katie

Okay, I admit it, once in a while I tune in to Regis & Kelly to hear their thoughts about the news of the day and what crazy things they are up to. Today was one of those days, seeing Friday is my slow down and relax day.

So as I turned on the show, I heard Regis telling the audience that Katie Couric was after him again. Apparently last night he was at a dinner and Katie visited his table 4 times. And in his Regis way, he joked about how Katie was after him. Co-hostess Kelly joined in on the fun and kept the show alive.

The other thing they talked about was Star Jones' wedding tomorrow. Have you heard - Star has lost a lot of weight and is finally getting married! So even though I personally could really care less about whether she is married or not, I thought I'd let you know.


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