Monday, November 01, 2004

Is Truth stranger than Fiction?

Did you hear that Osama the Terrorist is warning us to not vote for Bush? Yeah, he has a lot of nerve doesn't he. Show him you don't care what he says. Vote Bush!
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Are you a woman going through that big change in life? You know - Hot Flashes? If so, you'll love this great comic I found recently called Minnie Pauz

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Recently it was reported that John Kerry selected a convicted childmolester as a Godfather to his girl. Kind of makes me wonder what Kerry is really into if he supports this stuff.
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Do you think that a football game can predict the election? Apparently many people do. Since the Redskins lost yesterday's game , apparently that's supposed to mean Kerry will win. We'll see.

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Both Bush & Kerry stumped in church yesterday. Wanna bet the ACLU will ignore Kerry?


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