Friday, October 22, 2004

Spam - Eat or Delete?

I hate spam. If you're sane, you hate it too. In fact, it's totally amazing to me how much SPAM I get. And it's amazing how creative these spam artists are who keep sending this stuff.

Here are a few subject lines and "people" who have sent me SPAM today.

Trevor McCarthy - there was no subject line, which usually means it's SPAM...but here's the deal, don't you feel bad for the real Trevor McCarthy's of the world? I do.

Alex Tillman - Control Prem:ature Ejac:ulation
In the email it said this...Hey! It Worked Great For Me! I Love This Stuff (and then gave the link)

Now I'm not sure about you, but I don't really care that this Alex Tillman dude had an issue with premature ejaculation!

Hester Latham - B"uy Vi`codin, at Unbelievable Prices

Seriously, who names their kid Hester? Maybe if that was my name I'd be addicted to Vicodin too!

Gavin Tucker - Vãlium for less

Yup, you guessed it, Gavin is pushing Valium.....drug dealer!

crhmnbd - Your current job application
I'm not applying for any job! Plus, who the heck named their kid crhmnbd? That's a dumb name!

nwqtddag@ - CHeaper drugs
Again, another really stupid name. And note how they spelled CHeaper drugs....CH....CH....

Tiffany Billings - Re: The sun beat straight
Now you might think this email was about sun, but since the subject line makes no sense at all, it fits with what the email was about - financing. Thus the name Billings. Duh~

Wendi Everett - help your father with his suffering
First of all if Wendi really knew me she would know that my father isn't suffering. And what about all those people who got this spam whose father is dead?

and the list goes on.

I hate spam.


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