Sunday, October 03, 2004

It's Sunday Why Are You Reading This?

It's Sunday!

Ya know what that means means that it is God's day. It is a day for us to set aside the day to worship Him, talk to Him, go to a place where all these other people believe in Him too and to get our focus off the things of this world.

But here you are...reading this blog. Sinner! :)

Stop it right now! And go and read your bible. Turn on some praise music. Go to a potluck (only if you're Baptist)....

Go on a Sunday drive through the woods to Grandma's house.....(Oh, wrong season...)

OH, better yet, why not go outside and look at God's really cool creation. He does such a great job every day. In fact, the other night I was coming home from school and there was this brilliant sunset - ooh... It was awesome. And then of course if you listen carefully you can hear birds singing, dogs barking and bells ringing.

Life is just so good! So why not worship the Creator today - He loves you!


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