Friday, October 29, 2004

Get Out & Vote Song


Nashville, TN. 10/04

The Hot new political country song "GET OUT AND VOTE" is stirring bitter controversy. During a recent segment on the O'Reilly factor a prominent Christian leader from Kansas spoke out against the deplorable voting record of Christians in that state. He said 3 out of 4 fundamentalist Christians don't make it to the polls.

Nashville singer/songwriter, Michael Fischer, was outraged, and within the space of ten minutes the song "Get Out and Vote" was born.

In a recent interview Fischer explained, "The song is really no credit to me, I was just there to catch it."

Fischer, 57 years old, who has spent 33 years of his life doing mission work, 24 of those overseas in Australia, India, Japan and Russia, went on to say, "Christians need to wake up to the moral and spiritual decay that is sweeping the nation due to the apathy and lack of concern and conviction amongst some in the Christian community who fail to stand up and be counted."

Controversy has been sparked over the radical lyrics that touch on abortion and gay marriage. One man, in utter disgust said, "it's nothing more than right wing Republican crap aimed at dividing the country," However Fischer stated, "I am neither a Republican nor a Democrat. I am a liberated Christian with conservative values based on the Word of God and those values never change because God doesn't change." The chorus of the song drives home, "Get out and vote, stand up and be counted, Get out and vote, and get what you wanted, Get out and vote, let's find the people's will...

Hear the song now! GET OUT AND VOTE


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