Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Elton's Outburst - Good Homosexual Role Model

All morning the "entertainment" reporters have been "reporting" on this "exchange" between the infamous homosexual Elton John and the confused Madonna.

And after reading the language that came from Elton's mouth, all I can say is amazing isn't it? Wow, and I thought homosexuals were so tolerant!

But apparently Elton has an issue with Madonna's alleged "lip-synching".

Here are a few snippets from the whole article you can read here.

"While collecting a song-writing award from Q music magazine in London on Monday, John suddenly launched into a tirade against Madonna when he discovered she had been nominated for Best Live Act.

"Anyone who lip-synchs in public on stage when you pay 75 pounds to see them should be shot," John said in reference to ticket prices for Madonna's Reinvention tour.

(Just a question from the peanut gallery here - but how come I don't hear the homosexuals decrying Elton's hate speech here? Here he is advocating murder ...yet if it was Swaggart, OH we' d be hearing about it...)

"Madonna, best f***ing live act? F*** off," said the singer renowned as much for his outrageous outbursts as he is for his outlandish outfits.

(Oh, nice language, but even uglier outfits!)

"Since when has lip-synching been live?" he asked.
He ended his outburst by saying: "That's me off her f***ing Christmas card list but do I give a toss? No."

(How much ya wanna bet they will still exchange Christmas cards? - Yeah, they will kiss and make up, but only in a brother and sister way.)

To Madonna's credit she didn't respond in kind. Maybe being a momma has helped her grow up a little.


Blogger CALScott said...

I'm not exactly sure what Elton commenting on Madonna's musical skills has to do with his being gay.

If we're going to follow your logic regarding this then I guess we'll have to judge all heterosexuals by the comments of one of you.

Who said that Elton John was a "homosexual rolemodel"? Other than giving quite a bit of money and time to AIDS organizations I haven't seen him attempt to speak for the whole gay community.

Can't we call him a Brittish role model or a balding role model, or maybe even a chubby role model?

Are you picking on the fact that he's gay and said something unkind as a way to broadbrush the entire gay community?

October 5, 2004 at 4:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmm, Let me see...when you pick on Swaggart or Falwell or any other evangelical Christian who believes the bible because they say something you don't like, are you broadbrushing the whole Christian community?

If the shoe fits :)

October 5, 2004 at 9:16 PM  
Blogger CALScott said...

Well, "anonymous". I don't seem to remember Elton John profiting off of bashing Madonna. Falwell and Swaggart, however seem to make a pretty good profit without any particular talent other than whipping up the sheep to give money.

At least when I buy and Elton John CD, I get a disk with music on it. What the heck do I get from sending a check to Jerry or Jimmy?

October 6, 2004 at 1:24 AM  
Blogger lloydletta said...

Elton John defended that rock star Enema - a guy who did very anti-gay lyrics - and who got a grammy.

You are building a straw man here. Elton John doesn't represent gays. He represents himself.

October 6, 2004 at 10:03 PM  
Blogger lloydletta said...

Swaggart doesn't represent the whole evangelical community. He's just a charlatan - and an entertaining one. I see why he makes money. His TV Schtick is VERY funny.

Elton John doesn't represent all gays.

People are individuals, Stacy....

October 6, 2004 at 10:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


You say it well, we are all individuals. We are all fearfully and wonderfully made by our Creator.

My point is that I see the whole Christian community get blasted by the left, when they say or do something not very Christlike.

So, when someone on the left like Elton, does something stupid it makes the community he's apart of look pretty bad.

But see, me pointing that out upsets you. :)

So here's an idea, those of you who like to blast all Christians because of people like Swaggart, make sure you make your comments with a caveat at the beginning.

October 7, 2004 at 11:14 AM  
Blogger CALScott said...

The problem, Stacy is that people like Swaggart, or Dobson (especially Dobson) make the claim that they speak for all Christians.

They do not. They speak for maybe 35% of Christians and they make a point to demonize any other Christian who does not jump when they say how high.

The Rev. Barry Lynn is a prime example of a (dare I say it) liberal Christian who gets lambasted by Dobson any chance Dobson can.

Is Dobson or any other conservative Christian leader of the opinion that anyone who does not agree with them on doctrine a false Christian?

October 7, 2004 at 12:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Scott - do you have any documentation or resources you can give me to prove your assertion that Dobson and the others claim to speak for all Christians? I've never heard any of them claim that, so show me the evidence please.

October 7, 2004 at 8:39 PM  
Blogger CALScott said...

Anytime Dobson rants and raves about a judge or something being "anti-Christian" he's speaking for all Christians.

From a latest press release:

"Dr. James Dobson and Mrs. Shirley Dobson will join other influential Christian leaders in a "Battle for Marriage" simulcast involving thousands of churches and Christian TV across this nation. Don't miss this landmark event on Sunday evening, September 19, 7-9pm ET. The program's theme — "We Vote Values" — will address Christian involvement in politics, the importance of voter registration, and what can be done right now to defend marriage."

Dobson doesn't mean ALL Christians, only the ones that agree with him. All Christians don't share his values. Yet he assumes that they do and that he speaks for them.

Don't be naive Stacy.

October 8, 2004 at 7:34 AM  

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