Sunday, October 24, 2004

Ballroom Dancing Revisited

Hello Everyone -

A few days ago I told you that I was going to endure a ballroom dancing class - well, I did it!

Yesterday I braved the dance floor with about 20 different partners. So it turns out I didn't need my husband there after all. :)

Actually, I really enjoyed the class. Much to my shock!

I got to dance with many different men - one really tall dude was 6' 5", and it was like dancing with a statue. A few Mexican men, who had latino rhythm. A few very old geezers, who smelled like a perfume shop. A couple of typical nerdy types with the pocket protectors. I think one was a teacher of something.

And of course most of the people were alot older than me. Of course, some would say I'm creeping up to middle aged now.

My toe is still killing me though. Fortunately, no one stepped on it, but after kicking over my 5 gallon bottle of Arrowhead water before we went to DC last week, my toe is still really sore, and dancing for an hour and a half yesterday really killed it.

But I'm a trooper and survived. I can't wait to go back next week for my second lesson.

So until then, just call me wounded toes....but learning to love the dance.

Because as David danced in Jehovah's sight, I will dance with all my might, before the King of Kings. (Because God won't laugh at me. :))


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