Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Today's Captivating News

In case you're not aware I have another website where I put up news stories of interest to me. That website is called E-Involved and you can visit it by clicking here.

Today I have posted the following stories for your reading and discerning pleasure.

Are There Really 101 Contradictions in the Bible? - No. But this Islamic website thinks so.

How Would Jesus Have us Vote? - Very carefully and biblically.

The Gay-by Boom Gay couples no longer immune from feeling the pressure to procreate - Ah...

Bush camp rips Kerry rhetoric - Can you blame him?

Polls Show Vouchers Are Popular and Would Be Widely Used - Yup, come on liberals wake up!

Desensitize, Jam, and Convert’ Silencing the Biblical Viewpoint - A great commentary by Charles Colson

Martha Stewart to Serve Time in West Virginia - Behind bars, will Martha convert her fellow inmates?

Citizens Gather Nationwide to Remember 45 Million Babies - From Concerned Women for America

Zimbabwe Poverty Driving People to Religion and Suicide - Sad

Watchdog Group Wants TBN Leaders to Step Down - Good idea.

Exposing Leftists' Radical Islam Connection - Islam and the Left are connected? I'm shocked!

Gay group challenges Swaggart tax status - Shocking! Not!

Homosexuality & Child Sexual Abuse - True.

POWs' Wives Featured in New Swift Boat Ad - Amen and Amen!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stacy, I found all of these very interesting to look at, thank you for posting!

September 30, 2004 at 1:34 PM  

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