Monday, September 13, 2004

Rathergate is Rocking the Online World has an online petition that reads,

Dan Rather Must Resign
"On Wednesday, September 8th on the CBS program "Sixty Minutes II," Dan Rather held forth to the American people documents purporting to show that President Bush had not fulfilled his military obligations.

In a manner of hours, the public has learned, beyond doubt, that these documents are forgeries. A major news story attacking the President of the United States was based on fraudulent documents. Worse, when confronted with the evidence, Mr. Rather has continued to obfuscate and stonewall - refusing even to allow independent experts to examine these documents.
Dan Rather, and the CBSNews organization must be accountable to its viewers and the public. For the good of CBS and 60 Minutes II, Dan Rather must resign immediately, and CBS must air a retraction and apology for either their gross incompetence or willful deception."

If you agree - Go and sign it!


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