Saturday, September 18, 2004

Michelle Malkin: Woman of Guts!

I just love reading Michelle Malkin's blog page everyday because she's a woman with guts! She isn't afraid to make a stand in this culture for what she believes to be true, and she's done her research...unlike a number of her attackers who are too lazy to do anything besides attack her personally.

That should tell people, if all you can do is attack the person and not debate the idea, then all you are is a puff of smoke.

And I am proud to announce that tomorrow on C-Span Michelle's speech that she gave over at UC Berkeley a few days ago is going to be aired! If you get C-Span then you will want to watch Michelle "Woman of Guts" Malkin rock in action! Please tune in!

You can find out more by visiting her blog HERE . And if you want to see some of the ridiculous protestors who were out at Berkeley when Michelle spoke click HERE.


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