Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Grad Psych Student Shares a few thoughts...on psychology and the Internet

I noticed that Adrian and Jollyblogger are doing a series on biblical counseling, and Proverbial Wife has also joined the conversation, so I thought I would join in from a slightly different angle.

I am currently finishing my Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology and I just started back to school this past week. I'm enrolled in 3 classes this semester - Alcohol & Drug Abuse, Human Development (which was my major in undergrad) and a Special Topics class in "How to Market Your Private Practice."

So needless to say, three different classes, with three different emphasis and so far I'm really enjoying the marketing class. In fact, yesterday in the first class we had to discuss what we wanted to do with the class and so I shared my hopes and dreams and eventually mentioned blogging. And would you believe that no one in that class (9 of us) knew what a blog is? I was shocked - so I shared with them how I set up a Psychology Minute blog with the purpose of sharing the mental health news going around. Everyone thought it was a cool idea, and yet, it still amazes me that no one there knew what a blog is.

So that go me thinking about the types of people who spend time on the Internet and network with others. What types of personalities are drawn to online interaction and how addictive is it? Aside from Internet addiction and the knowledge online people are seeking - I lovingly call information addicts, what is it that drives you to even come to my blog and read it? How has this changed our society? Our churches? Our families? Our friendships?

There are a ton of things we can discuss about this issue and how it impacts society. Because let's face it, most of us on here are trying to impact society somehow.

However, believe it or not, the emphasis for this marketing class was about how we can give ourselves away. How can you be a blessing to someone else? What can you give to someone today ? What are you thankful for and have you written a thank you to someone who has blessed you?

These are all important things and yet apparently not practiced a whole lot in marketing oneself in the field of psychology.

So putting into practice what I learned yesterday, let me just say a heartfelt thank you to those of you who have become regular readers to my blog. Thank you for taking the time to write me comments even if you disagree. Thank you for wanting to be informed about the issues and for being willing to share yourselves. I really appreciate it and I look forward every single day to what I can learn from all of you.

And I really really mean that! Please come back tomorrow and we'll continue discussing the psychology of the Internet and how we can use it for good.


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