Friday, September 03, 2004

Christian Leaders Swear

This morning I found a story that I wrestled with because if the story is true, than it is just another example of how even Christians in leadership blow it from time to time.

I became aware of the story as a result of Get Religion 's blog page. And since I consider them reliable reporters, I tend to think there is some validity to the story. You can read the story over at Roll Call because apparently they are the ones who broke the story.

What is also interesting is that today on Janet Parshall's program, she mentioned "a brother in the Lord" who had a confrontation with some protestors who jumped all over him. However, because he is a "brother in the Lord" she didn't say his name. I'm sure she was referring to Gary Bauer.

So the question is, is it right for the liberal media to call Bauer a hypocrite because he allegedly used the F-Word? Or is it hypocritical of them to mention it considering John Kerry used the F-word in a RollingStone story a few months ago. And most of the hard core homosexual activists let the word fly all over the Internet, just visit America Blog and you can see it for yourself. Although to their credit America Blog hasn't mentioned this story yet, because they are too busy slandering Bush.

And how are Christians to report and respond to this issue? Was Janet Parshall right in mentioning the story, but not Bauer's name or do people appreciate someone like me who is willing to lay it on the line and just expose it for what it is - a mistake.

What saddens my heart is that our society has totally lost respect for basic manners. Broadcast television and cable television is filled with vulgarity. Lyrics in music are filled with vulgarity and yes, sad but true, most Christians I've run into swear and do not think anything of it.

In fact, the last church I attended where I led a woman's bible study, every single woman in that group used vulgarity regularity and it broke my heart. So one day I addressed it in the group by exposing my failure in it, and even after doing that, and the women saying they had repented of it, within days they were swearing again in my presence.

So it's a huge issue and unfortunately because our society has lost respect for common courtesy and respect, unless the Church starts becoming a little bit more sanctified, we still look like the world.

by Stacy L. Harp, 2004


Anonymous Anonymous said...

On the subject of the f-word: don't forget when Dick Cheney said, "F--- Off!" to Senator Leahy for asking him about his "alleged" war profiteering.

September 5, 2004 at 3:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I didn't forget about Cheney, but the post wasn't about him. It was about Christian leaders who swear. To my knowledge, Cheney doesn't profess my faith.

September 6, 2004 at 3:54 PM  

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