Saturday, August 14, 2004

We're Down with a Dozen!

August 15, 1992 Randall & Stacy were united in the bonds of holy matrimony! What a great ride it's been!

We give our Lord Jesus Christ the glory for what HE has done in our marriage over these past 12 years. It's been absolutely amazing for us. But you'll have to read our book to hear the whole story :)

How did we meet? We're often asked and the answer is easy - IN CHURCH! We both attended the singles group and met at a Wallyball game.

What brought us together? Actually, it was our love for Christ and music. Randall is a musician and I'm a songwriter and worship leader. I wrote a song he liked and it would be easy to say that it was that song that is almost a theme in our marriage. "You are my strength" or as we lovingly call it "YAMS"

Type of Wedding you had? CHEAP, we spent about $1200 for the whole wedding and Randall paid for it. Our theme for the wedding was evangelistic because our families were all non Christians and we wanted to share the gospel message with them through the whole ceremony.

We had a wonderful singles group that provided all our food for us, two ladies took our pictures and Randall's best friend videotaped it for us.

Where did we go on our honeymoon? We drove Randall's old Toyota pick up truck with no air conditioning to Las Vegas, then to Colorado Springs which was our final destination. It was only about 110 degrees the day we got married and the next day we drove to Vegas with bags of ice on our heads! True story!

We drove through Vegas, Durango, Colorado, Colorado Springs and a few other places. The big blessing for our honeymoon was that we got to spend one full night at the Red Lion Hotel in the Presidential suite. Why? Because Randall spent part of a day working for his company at the time and so they put us up. It was a great time!

How old were we? Randall was 27 and I was 23

Best part of the wedding? Randall sang to me a song he wrote for me called Taken by Surprise. I then sang to him a Twila Paris song called The Child Inside and during communion and lighting the candle, our friend who teaches the deaf/blind signed a song called "I'll be there". At the end of the wedding as we were told to kiss a bell rang at the same time!

Education at the time you were married? Randall held an Associates Degree and I was just a high school graduate.

What is the greatest thing you've learned in 12 years of marriage that you would tell someone who is getting married today? That's easy, make sure you have a few good years in premarital counseling, before you take the step to marriage. Then after you're married, I would say, "Don't harden your heart!" Seek the Lord together. Seek the counsel of older wiser couples. Find a mentor. Get into counseling if you need it and most of all, remember why you married each other in the first place....and always keep a sense of humor!

Thanks for reading and enjoy the day, as for me and my spouse, we're going to the ESPN Zone and having a ball!


Blogger Ben said...

Randall and Stacy,

Blessings on your twelve years. May you enjoy a hundred more.


August 15, 2004 at 10:29 AM  

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