Sunday, August 29, 2004

Protesters hope to block delegates from nominating president in time

This is a breaking story from World Net Daily and I have just one question?

What are these protesters afraid of? Are they so threatened by the character, the faith and the courage of President Bush that they have to do anything they can to disrupt his convention. This is exactly why no Christian should be a Democrat or a liberal. This is outrageous!

Read on...

Secret Service worried about NYC Bush plotProtesters hope to block delegates from nominating president in time

The U.S. Secret Service is worried protesters will try to stall buses carrying key delegates slated to nominate George W. Bush this week at the Republican National Convention, WorldNetDaily has learned.

A convention source, part of the security detail in charge of convention transportation, said he was briefed yesterday by the Secret Service about a specific plot concerning a group of protesters trying to block delegate transportation by storming buses and protesting along their route in hopes of delaying delegates so they can't show up in time to enter their official nomination of Bush.



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