Tuesday, August 03, 2004

A New Movie from the Creators of South Park

Have you heard of the new movie Team America?

Apparently their tag line is, "Putting the 'F' back in Freedom" and I believe that is suggestive of language not fitting any of us.

According to the official website for Team America the movie is going to be released in October of this year. If you watch the trailer you will see that this movie is designed to make a lot of people mad, including, George W. Bush and John Kerry.

The movie doesn't star with human beings though, its "stars" are marionette's.

From an article about the movie it says, "What we wanted to do," says Stone, "was a send-up of these super important huge action movies that Jerry Bruckheimer makes. ... The subtle joke here is that all actors are 'puppets.' This will probably piss off everyone in town, and might well be our swan song."

Nice - NOT! I'm concerned about this movie because not only does its intention appear to be meanspirited, but because the makers of the film are from the creators of South Park.

South Park is the vilest show on television, in my not so humble opinion, and it degrades family, faith and fun. But the worst part is that it captures the hearts and minds of children.

Children need to be protected from trash like this. Puppets should not be used to promote hate and intolerance. Apparently that is what this movie is about promoting.

Time will tell, but mark my words, Paramount Pictures has made a bad decision for families and it makes me sick to think that children will see this trash because of the marionettes.

Parents, now is the time to be discerning and protective of your children. Because apparently there are a lot of evil adults who don't care how they will be harmed.


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