Thursday, August 05, 2004

Jumping Christians Are Often Biblically Illiterate

For the last few weeks I've been writing a series for my collaborative blog The Deborah Company on what's happening to the Church in America and as I've thought about the topic this week I felt a need to share a few thoughts on something I've observed recently.

This past Sunday I attended a church I've visited about 5 times now. This church appears to be on fire for Jesus, the worship is powerful, the people are extremely friendly - especially for Southern California and the message is biblical.

However, one thing I have observed and I often wonder about is how people really are after they leave the worship service.

I tend to be extremely skeptical and leary of people who jump up and down and scream "Jesus" at the top of their lungs during a worship service. Why? Because these are usually the same people who are so biblically illiterate that their brains will fall out if they are challenged with a basic question regarding Christianity....such as, "Can you explain the trinity to me?"

And I'm not saying everyone who worships so outwardly like that is this way, but unfortunately, it's been my observation that often in the passion of the moment, in a worship service where the music is essentially rock music, and emotions are being manipulated, that those who appear to be the most spiritual, aren't.

So I guess I'm wondering today if I'm the only one with this observation or do you think that I should just stop being so observant!

Since, people are often not what they present themselves to be in church, I think it's a fair question.


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