Thursday, August 26, 2004

I want to be an Apprentice blogger.....

Yesterday I was pouring over a ton of posts and I found this really cool story about Kwame from the Apprentice. Some of you may remember I was hoping that HE would've won instead of Bill. But oh, well...looks like I still called it correctly!

Now, I want to be an Apprentice blogger - anyone of you wanna take me on?
'Apprentice' Runner-Up Works $3.8B Deal

NEW YORK - Kwame Jackson is starting to look less like an "Apprentice" and more like Donald Trump.

The runner-up in the first season of the NBC reality show "The Apprentice" has completed a multibillion dollar real-estate deal of his own. With two other partners, Jackson has made a deal with officials in Prince George's County in Maryland to develop 550 acres into commercial and residential property.

The deal is worth $3.8 billion and will provide over 32,000 jobs, Jackson said. "For me, `The Apprentice' was the beginning," he told The Associated Press Tuesday. "It's not a ceiling, it's a floor." Finish reading by clicking the link above.


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