Tuesday, August 24, 2004

The Faith of George W. Bush - DVD

I've known about this for weeks, but I thought I would remind you all about it again. One of my favorite radio talkshow hosts, Janet Parshall, is the Host of this documentary that is produced by Grizzly Adams Productions and I want you to get a copy today!


Grizzly Adams Productions has announced that Janet Parshall will be hosting this nonpolitical documentary on the faith of President Bush. This program will examine the extraordinary faith and prayer life of President George W. Bush, and how it impacts his personal life and his decisions as the leader of the free world. See how his faith has been unshakeable in dealing with the 9/11 terrorist attack, fighting al-Qaeda, ridding Iraq of the Saddam Hussein regime, rooting out terrorists in Afghanistan, and how his religious beliefs bring personal peace and clarity in a time of terrorism and chaos across the world.


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