Monday, August 16, 2004

Exposing: Satan's Work? Hmmmm....

Who do you think wrote this? A Christian? A conservative? Nope, Margaret Cho! Unbelievable huh!

Satan's Work

It is revolting that the gay marriages are being annulled in San Francisco. I don't understand why these bigoted, arrogant, nosy, busybody 'conservatives' have to trample all over civil rights in order to make everyone understand that they think that homosexuality is wrong. You know what? I think that intolerance is wrong. I think that having no compassion is wrong. I think that meddling in people's lives whom you don't even know personally is wrong. I think that these people who claim to do God's work are actually working for the Other Guy. Satan likes it when people are motivated by their own prejudice. The Horned One gets all happy when someone is being oppressed or unduly punished. The Dark Lord loves injustice. These so called family advocates and Christian groups are really doing the Devil's Work. I hope they enjoy being pawns for Lucifer. The true face of evil is the need to control the actions of others. It doesn't matter that you think it might be for their own good or salvation. We will see who goes to hell.


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