Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Exposing: Google Bans An Ad from Stand to Reason

Stand to Reason is one of my absolutely favorite ministries. For a number of years I listened to Greg Koukl, host of Stand to Reason's weekly radio show, as he taught me how to defend my faith. He's a stellar communicator and awesome apologist for Christ.

So I was shocked and saddened as I read this story this morning about Google banning their ad because of the "h" word. You know that awful word "homosexual".

You have to read the full article for yourself. All I can say is this is absolutely amazing, that in America, you can't even advertise for something, without it being considered hate speech - just because a very small percentage of the population doesn't agree with it. May Margaret Cho should read this article too!

Read the sad story yourself - READ


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