Monday, August 09, 2004

ExGay Commentary on Stephen Bennett Outreach

Yesterday I wrote that I would write about Stephen Bennett's outreach to P-town this past weekend. I was expecting to receive an email from Stephen about it, but it never came today.

So I'll start with what the other side said about the event.

Here is a part of what Paul over at ExGayWatch reported about the event,

Bennett had perhaps 15 or so supporters there, as I counted, though he
might have been working them in shifts and so perhaps there were more I didn't
see. I talked to a few of them after two came up to me and asked me "if I knew
Jesus Christ." I said I did, that He is my Lord, and oh, by the way, I'm a Gay
Christian. That seemed to baffle them for some they asked if they
could pray with me. I said that would be wonderful and there, right in the
streets of Provincetown, I held helds in a little circle with the SB Ministry
guys and gals and we prayed. I led off the prayer: "Lord, thank you for bringing
us all together here on this beautiful day. Thank you for Christian fellowship
and for families. I pray, Lord, that you will remove the scales that are
blinding my brothers and sisters here so that they will know that you love your
gay children just as they are..." Gosh, I didn't expect those folks to drop my
hands THAT fast as they backed away from me as though they had been hit with
lightning. I did get to talk to a couple of them afterwards, discussing the
"clobber passages," but it was though I had leprosy or something and I didn't
make much headway... So I talked to some of the HRC folks who were there, and to
some of the other gay folks as well. And - is anyone surprised - they were all
astounded to find that someone who professed Christ was also gay?

Paul finishes off his report by saying,

Also, though I didn't get to speak with Bennett personally, I did get to
see him. Having never seen his picture or known anything about him before this
event, I had envisioned him as an older person maybe like a Jerry Falwell type
so I asked one of the SB ladies there if she would point him out. She did and -
me and my big mouth - the first words that came out of it totally unplanned
were, "Wow. He's kinda cute, isn't he? Nice legs..." I'm not sure my SB lady
knew how to respond to that so she just walked away in a huff. I have a pic of
him, however, and have to admit that he's not a bad looking guy at all. Maybe
someday he'll drop this ex-gay thing and become a Gay Christian...

All I can say to this "report" is that Paul apparently enjoyed being antagonistic towards the Bennett ministry team. However, what's even more sad is that anyone who professes to be a Christian and a practicing homosexual and believes that God is okay with that, is as the book of 1John says, "deceiving themselves".Another thing that is also interesting is how Paul apparently lusts after Stephen Bennett and says how "cute" Stephen is. I wonder, does Paul understand anything about the war between the flesh and the Spirit or is Christianity for Paul, just a joke and a seemingly easy ticket to heaven?I wonder, since the gay activists always boast about how prideful they are. I recall a little something about pride and how God hates the proud. I also recall that Lucifer in his arrogance got thrown out of the heavens because he was full of pride and wanted to be better than God.Let's face it, the fact is that anyone who claims the name of Christ and yet walks in a sin that is clearly outlined in Scripture to be wrong, is being disobedient to the Father in Heaven. And I believe that they are breaking the Father's heart and mocking the price that Christ paid on the cross for our sin.I'm not sure I would want to be that person because falling into the hands of a holy and righteous God who is all consuming fire wouldn’t be a very pleasant experience.

But what is even more telling and extremely sad is what Paul says at the end. He thinks it would be great if Stephen Bennett returned to the homosexual lifestyle and become a "gay" Christian. Why? Because Paul finds Stephen attractive, and doesn’t really care about anything spiritual. Paul cares about the flesh, and he doesn’t show any love, Christian or otherwise towards Stephen. Because if he truly loved Stephen, then he would want what’s best for him. That’s the difference between Stephen’s love and Paul’s love.

Stephen wants what is best for those caught in the sin of homosexuality. Paul wants people to remain trapped and to fall back into it, because Paul doesn’t want to leave his sexual choice.


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