Sunday, August 08, 2004

Bearface and My dog OD's on antibiotics....ut oh....

You have to admit, he's sure cute!
Today we had a nice day. We went to church and heard an interesting sermon on mentoring and then we spent the day with each other and enjoyed each others company.
We had lunch at El Pollo Loco - ...have you had their new Fiesta Burrito's yet - they are great!
Then we discovered later in the day that our dogs ate the rest of their supply of antibiotics. So we called the vet and asked if they would survive and as all vets do, they wanted to have us bring the pups in so they could induce vomiting.
We opted out and figured the antibiotic website said they would be fine and both dogs are acting okay. I figure if they are dead tomorrow then we made the wrong decision, but I think they'll be okay.
Please don't report me to PETA either okay!
Talk to you soon...tomorrow I'll be posting an entry on the Stephen Bennett outreach at P-Town yesterday along with some of the critics that were there. It should be good reading. I hope you tune in!


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