Saturday, July 31, 2004

U.S. psychologists embrace same-sex marriage

World Net Daily and other news outlets have recently alerted the watching world to the fact that the American Psychological Association has now officially embraced same-sex marriage.

Of course to anyone who knows what's happening with the APA this is no shock because the APA was hijacked a long time ago when they ripped homosexuality out of the DSM.

As someone who is in this field, although I'm only a "trainee" because I don't have my Masters Degree yet, all I can say is this is one area the homosexual activists have won. They have infiltrated and taken over the APA.

They knew exactly what they were doing years ago when they underhandedly had the diagnosis taken out of the DSM, because they knew that all it would take is to gain acceptance in this field.

They were smart about it, because even though it's taken quite some time, they have gained acceptance. They have succeeded in making the whole American society, including a large part of the Church, say that homosexuality can't be changed, and is not abnormal.

The problem is that it's all a lie. The truth is that people can change their behavior - if they choose to.

But we live in a society where we like to live in denial about things, and not take personal responsiblity for our actions. We like to blame people (mothers mostly), and we do whatever we can to make others feel bad for the choices we make. It's purely evil.

Homosexuality is evil. It does not promote anything good. It hurts people to the core of who they are, and in most cases it is caused by someone violating the person who suffers from same-sex attraction.

And I personally find it absolutely unbelievable that people who claim to be researchers and base things on science have supported a lifestyle choice where it has been proven it destroys lives. What are these people thinking? !

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Blogger Bose said...

I wish you well in your studies.

I wish you compassion for young folks in your midst, including those who are experiencing same-sex attractions. Some probably recognize that something feels different at their core, and that is often a scary experience. They will need to hear from you, something other than connecting their thoughts and feelings -- which they didn't ask for -- with evil and abnormality.

August 1, 2004 at 1:46 AM  

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