Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Michael Moore Rages: GOP Promotes 'Hate-triotism'

Did you see the interview with Michael Moore and Bill O'Reilly?  Well, if you did, then I'm sure you were as entertained as I was.  There you have two big egos battling for dominance.
I have to say that Bill did a good job holding his own, and Mike was as stuborn as a donkey, just like his party :) 
CNS News reported today about Mike's "hate-triotism" -  The article begins, "Left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore attacked "right-wingers and Republicans" as "hate-triots" who "believe in the politics of hate-triotism" during a speech to a "Take Back America" event on Tuesday. The event was hosted by the Campaign for America's Future."
Question? Who is it who is calling the names here?  I don't see the Republicans doing this, so I wonder who is the one filled with hate?  I think Moore needs a reality check, either that or some very intense and deep therapy.
Michael Moore Rages: GOP Promotes 'Hate-triotism'


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