Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Clinton & Isaiah??? Yeah, right....

If you watched some of the DNC convention last night you probably seen some infiltration of Scripture in some of the speeches. Former President Clinton cites Isaiah, and told everyone at one point to, "Remember what the Scripture says, 'Fear Not'..." I laughed when I heard that, and then I told my husband, yeah, every time that was spoken by Jesus it was to calm His disciples down or it was an angel trying to encourage those who were grieving because Jesus Had indeed Risen from the Dead!

So Christians do not need to fear, but if you're salvation isn't secured in Christ Jesus, then you should fear because you're on your way to an eternal destination that is really really hot!

Steven Waldman writes in his blog today about how Scripture was used last night - including Clinton & Isaiah, God Sent John Kerry and how Al Gore spoke about Forgiveness & Reconcilation

Just remember BeliefNet is really liberal, as you read.

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