Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Introducing MediaSoul

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Today I am introducing my new and improved blog called MediaSoul.

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This blog will remain active, but I will only be updating MediaSoul. So come on over and visit!

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Larry King...

I received an email from an EI reader who said that Larry King will be having on Dr. Robert Schuller talking about the suicide of Johnnie Carl. I haven't been able to confirm this yet, but if I can, I'll let you know about it.

More on the Bobbie Jo Stinnett Murder

Speaking of Larry King, last night he had on his show a panel of guests who discussed the Lisa Montgomery case. You may read the Analysis of the Murder of Bobbie Jo Stinnett here. The Kansas Star today is reporting a story called Connection formed before crime that cites a year long connection before the murder. And both CBS News and The Daily Herald are praising the use of the Internet and computers to solve this crime quickly. Web Led Cops To Fetus Suspect

and Investigators followed digital trail in pregnant woman's killing

Christmas Under Attack

Unless you don't read very often you've probably never heard of The DaVinci Code by Dan Brown. Well, today I decided to put this fiction novel under the attacking Christmas category because if you attack Jesus Christ, then you're attacking Christmas. In fact, Sharon Hughes, host of Changing Worldviews is airing a show called The Truth Behind the Da Vinci Code" with Richard Abanes.
that explains the truth behind this book of lies. Please tune in and listen.


And can you believe it? WorldNetDaily is reporting today a story about the Whitehouse keeping Christ out of Christmas. Bush White House's
Christ-less Christmas Official commemorations emphasize Santa, Rudolph over Jesus in 2004
. And if you want you can participate in a poll WND is doing about this situation. What do you think of the White House celebration of Christmas 2004? .

Newsmax is reporting a Christmas miracle today concerning the cross on the LA County Seal."Los Angeles County has so far wasted $1,800 in taxpayers' money to place decals over crosses on the county seal, but the censorship isn't working.
The crosses are "shining through," the Los Angeles Daily News reported today in an article it headlined "A sign of the cross miraculously reappears."

My friends at Concerned Women for America share a story called Philadelphia Will Prosecute Christian Protesters . Why? Because these Christians were preaching God’s Word to those attending the city’s “Outfest".

Applying Your Biblical Worldview

Today we have seen how the media is covering this brutal murder. The problem however, is that they never mention the soul and where Bobbie Jo ended up after her death. They also haven't discussed how Lisa Montgomery's faith could have impacted her choice to murder for this unborn child. These are ethical, moral and spiritual issues. Today I want you to think about how you would apply your biblical worldview in an analytical way to the news.

Are you willing to stand for Christ in the marketplace? Are you brave enough to say this season,"Merry Christmas"? Can you give a defense for why you believe in the virgin birth and for Jesus as God's son? Can you explain why Christmas is a Christian holiday? I hope you can, and I hope these stories show you today how important your faith in Jesus is.

Take Action: Help Bill Kennedy

Those of you who have followed EI news for a while know about Bill Kennedy and his case. For those of you who don't please visit Justice for Kennedy for more information.

In a recent email from Kennedy's attorney, Craig Parshall, Attorney Craig Parshall urges supporters of Bill to write and contact President Bush again.

From the newsletter - "Could I impose on you one more time to take some action for Bill and to aid his struggle for justice? Please call the White House at 202 - 456 - 1414 (then ask for the "comment line") or email President Bush at http://www.whitehouse.gov/webmail, and deliver a message like this one:
I am calling (writing) on behalf of William Kennedy, a prisoner in a federal prison. I am asking that President Bush grant Mr. Kennedy's petition for commutation of sentence, and that the President commute Mr. Kennedy's sentence, and release him."

Thank you friends, talk to you tomorrow and for updates throughout the day remember to visit my blog.

Monday, December 20, 2004

EI News Updated

EI News is now updated on my E-Involved Website.

Today I cover more on Johnnie Carl and how the Crystal Cathedral is dealing with his suicide, the tragedy with Lisa Montgomery and her allegedly murdering for a baby, and more about Christmas under attack in America.

I also have another opportunity for you to help a fellow Christian. Check out EI now to see what you can do.

E-Involved News

Saturday, December 18, 2004

More on Johnnie Carl

As you know Johnnie Carl committed suicide a few days ago at the Crystal Cathedral. Here are a few more stories on the sad incident.

Reading this is heartbreaking, but if used wisely it can serve as a warning for those you know who might be plagued with depression or bipolar disorder.

Please keep his family, Linda and their 3 kids in your prayers.
Mental Illness Plagued Church Musical Director

Cathedral conductor kills self

From the Washington Post & Times - Church conductor kills self

Friday, December 17, 2004

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The Blessing of Shalom

Sadly we start today's news coverage with this story about Johnnie Carl, Musical Director/Arranger for the Glory of Christmas who commited suicide early this morning in one of the church bathrooms. Please remember his wife, and family, and everyone involved with the Glory of Christmas. This is extremely sad.

And it has been reported that The Glory of Christmas will resume tonight.

In the next few days I'll be doing some research on the issue of Christians and Suicide because there are a lot of opinions about the issue out there, and I'll write a few op eds on it for you.

And now back to our Christmas and news coverage...New friend of E-Involved, Alan Caruba writes a great article called Killing Christmas and The Christian Post has a nice article called, Christians Fend off Secularist Attack on 'Merry Christmas' Greeting.

I love the boldness of believers these days, a State Representative boldly proclaims his faith by saying Jesus is the Reason for the Season

Christianity Today has a very interesting article called Go Figure that discusses recent stats on church politicking, 'moral values,' and church/state spending. And a very cool story that mentions Patrick Cavanough containing a Celtic Christmas Miracle, yes everyone miracles still happen.

And now to end the week on a happy note I want to share with you

The Blessing of Shalom by Roy Lessin

May you be whole in body, soul, and spirit as a result of being in harmony with God's will and purpose for your life.

May His peace be your covering, your heart know His fulness, and by His mighty power may you know victory over every enemy.

May He bring to pass the deepest desires of your heart.

May you know the healing power of His presence, and the restoration of every broken relationship.

Through His sufficiency, may every need that you face be met by His limitless resources.

May His covenant promises be fulfilled in your life and in your family.

May He bring you the greatest measure of contentment, and the deepest satisfaction that your heart can possibly know.

Sadly the Gunman at the Crystal Cathedral Commited Suicide

I just woke up a few hours ago to find out that the gunman killed himself. Turns out it was the world famous composer Johnnie Carl. He worked at the Crystal Cathedral for about 30 years and his music was performed by many famous orchestras throughout his life time.

Please remember his wife and family in your prayers in the coming days. Please also keep the church in your prayers.

The Glory of Christmas showings will resume tonight.

Oh, and Matt Drudge finally decided to pick this story up, even though I told him about it initally and he didn't bother with it. :)

You can read more about it on my website E-Involved .

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Gunman At Crystal Cathedral

All night I've been following this breaking story from the Crystal Cathedral.

Please click on over to http://www.einvolved.org for more info.

Great News - Megan's Law Database Now Online

If you care about child molestors, sex offenders and care to know where they are in your neighborhood then you're in luck. The state of California as FINALLY put their Megan's Law Database online for the whole world to have access to. Check it out and see who the pedophiles and sex offenders are in your area.


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To begin with today I want you to make sure that you check out today's cartoon in honor of Janet Parshall and also go to Faith Mouse to see more great cartoons from Dan.

Who doesn't love Ann Coulter? Well, actually a lot of people really can't stand her, both in the liberal arena and the Christian one, however I'm not one of those. I like Ann because she has spunk and she's not afraid to say it like it is. And apparently a few others like her too because now, just in time for Christmas, there is a new Ann Coulter DVD on sale. To learn more about it please click here.

And now back to our Christmas coverage - Just in time for Christmas someone has decided to send the world a message that Christmas is about the birth of Jesus. Click here to sign an online birthday card for Jesus. After you do that, why not give Jesus your heart if you haven't already.

This is from the Hollywood Prayer Network newsletter - € DON’T MISS IT! ABC World News Tonight with Peter Jennings is doing a story on Hollywood Prayer Network and the Studio Lots Prayer Walks TONIGHT, Thurs. 12/16! The segment is on "The Power of Prayer in America". (If for some reason it doesn’t air tonight then it will air tomorrow - Friday night.) They shot us praying and then interviewed Michele Suh, Director of Hollywood Connect and the Prayer Walks and HPN member Zach Levi, co-star of “Less Than Perfect” yesterday. Pray that they caught our love for the people here and that God lights a fire under Christians all over the world to start praying for Hollywood because of this segment.

More Christians are taking a stand and Putting Christ Back in Christmas by Moving Over Santa

And yes, friends, even the "First Dog" celebrates Christmas - check this out, 'Barney' the dog the star of White House Christmas video

Never fear though, because the grinch still exists Grinch Steals Family's Christmas Decorations and this Stealing Christmas: Grinch-like hooligans swipe family presents

Did you know that America has been under pressure from Cuba? It's true - U.S. Rejects Cuba Demand to Remove Christmas Lights
and some atheists are upset about Christmas. There's a shock right! Atheists Protest Nativity Display In Milford

And here's some good news Stolen Nativity figures found mile away and if you've ever known anyone with cancer this story will touch your heart Live nativity benefits cancer patients
and a family takes a picture and says they can see Jesus in it - Can you? Family can see Jesus in snapshot of rainbow

For more news and information please visit my blog and come back tomorrow!

Everyone has someone special in their life that encourages their walk with the Lord. For me, Janet Parshall is my "spiritual mother" and so in honor of her and her bold stand for the unborn, I want to wish Janet a very Merry Christmas! I love ya!

You may tune in to JPA online at Janet Parshall's America

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Rebel Judges Wears the Ten Commandments

I love the spunk of some Christians in this country. With the ACLU trying to silence us I definitely like it when I hear a story like this. Check out this picture and read the story here.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

A new blogger program ...

A friend told me about this new blogging software and so I tried it out today and I really like it. Once I figure out how to use it well, I will be switching over and using it.

To see it please go here - and check it out for yourself. I have two new entries up there - one on Go and sinning no more and the other on Christmas under attack.

And if you do visit there, please leave me a message. Thanks!

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